Kancelaria Prawna Janc & Partners sp.k. is the professional team of experienced legal counsels and attorneys providing legal services to natural persons and entrepreneurs in diverse fields of their business activities.

The Legal Office specializes in the representation of its clients mostly in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings, as well as before the law enforcement authorities. We provide advisory services in the course of the day-to-day business activity, as well as in business transactions, especially on the real estate market. The Legal Office has successfully advised in many investment projects, both at the conceptional and implementation stages. The professional team of the Legal Office has participated on many occasions in the due diligence procedures in transactions of both asset deal and share deal character. The legal advisory is also performed during the business negotations and strategic decision-making processes.

The broad range of clients of the Legal Office includes major well-established entities (including the commercial companies with State Treasury shareholding), as well as sole traders, or even start-ups. The Legal Office provides its services to many foreign entities, taking care of their interests on the territory of Poland. The universal activity profile of the Legal Office enables it to adapt to the individual needs of the Clients, as well as types and sizes of their business activity. It also allows to provide the individuals with tailor-made legal services.

The lawyers in our Legal Office have extensive experience in diverse specializations gained through work in large international law firms and legal offices in Poland and abroad. It allows to benefit from the synergies and provide you with the services of the highest quality.

The Legal Office also participates in carrying out transactions and handling cases with the cross-border element. In order to do so, it established cooperations with lawyers practising in other countries, including Great Britain, Germany and Russia.

The legal services are performed also in English and Russian.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

legal services in commercial transactions, both at the conceptional and implementation stages, due diligence of companies and properties, legal advisory in negotiations and transactions, legal advisory services within the scope of mergers and acquisitions, as well as restructuring of the companies.
legal representation in criminal proceedings acting in the capacity as defence attorney or attorney of aggrieved parties, protection of interests of entrepreneurs in penal and penal fiscal proceedings, preparation of legal opinions in this matter
legal representation in administrative proceedings before the administration authorities, as well as in administrative court proceedings, including before Regional Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
legal representation in tax proceedings as well as tax audit procedures before fiscal authorities, preparation of legal opinions and analyses in this matter, compliance and audit procedures of business activities for entrepreneurs
legal representation in civil proceedings before the common courts and the Supreme Court, legal representation in arbitral and mediation proceedings, preparation of legal opinions, analysis and preparation of draft agreements, debt recovery procedures.
ongoing legal advisory services, corporate services, legal representation before the registry courts, designing and implementation of the corporate structures, preparation of legal opinions.

Managing Partner

The Legal Office is managed by legal counsel Paweł Janc, admitted to practice law by the District Chamber of Legal Counsel under entry number WA-9359.

Paweł Janc has been a legal counsel for almost 10 years, representing the entrepreneurs in civil, administrative and arbitral proceedings.

From 2011, while working at R.Smoktunowicz & L.Falandysz Law Office, he was a member of the team handling cases for PKP S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw. As a legal counsel, he was advising on multi-stage investment projects related to the development of properties of PKP S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw, he also drafted and analyzed the investment agreements in that matter. As a legal representative for litigation, he participated in numerous proceedings before the common and arbitral courts concerning the regulation of legal status of properties owned by PKP S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw.

From 2014, he handled civil proceedings in PKP CARGO CONNECT Sp. Z.o.o. (a company from PKP CARGO S.A. corporate group), where he was also responsible for day-to-day conducting and supervision of cases of the highest dispute value.

Since 2015, he has serviced the investment funds with foreign capital, which finance and implement the number of investment projects concerning the acquisitions and executions of construction projects on commercial properties in the entire territory of Poland. He has served as a legal representative in many civil and administrative proceedings – he has used his extensive experience and profound knowledge of substantive law and legal procedures. On many occasions, he has successfully represented his Clients before the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, as well as in arbitral proceedings.

As a defence attorney, he has practiced in numerous criminal and penal-fiscal proceedings concerning economic crime, including the so-called „VAT carousel” fraud and organized crime. He has represented his Clients’ interests in various cases, which often attracted the media publicity – some of them even made front-page news. He has served as a legal representative of one of wronged parties in the famous Polish „Tape Scandal”.

He is an author of series of legal opinions regarding tax, administrative and commercial law. He has prepared numerous evaluations and interpretations in the field of aviation and railway transport law, he has also taken part in working on the amendments of the acts of law in that matter. He has co-organized and participated in a number of professional conferences, especially in the field of civil litigation and real estate law.

Currently, for several years he has managed the team of legal counsels and attorneys in rapidly growing Kancelaria Prawna Janc & Partners sp.k. and the affairs of the international consulting company Janc Consulting LTD with the registered seat in London.